It's time to celebrate what we've achieved and prepare for a new year of accomplishments!

Amid the sparkling lights and contagious joy of the holiday season, it's the spirit of solidarity that shines the brightest. The Volunteer Program of Banco do Brasil is celebrating a retrospective of nearly 700 voluntary actions posted here on the Portal in the year 2023, contributing to a fairer and more equal society.

The Sustainable Development Goals most supported by our volunteers this year were: 03 – Good health and well-being, 10 - Reduced inequalities, and 01 - No poverty. Faced with the challenges the world has experienced in recent times, the solidarity expressed by volunteers this year is a testament to the transformative power of compassion.

By actively engaging in the community, you, volunteers, are building bridges of understanding and creating a positive impact that resonates beyond the holiday season. The Banco do Brasil Volunteer Program takes immense pride in the achievements reached in 2023, and we know that with the help of our volunteers we will do even more next year.

Seeking constant improvements to fulfill our purpose, in 2023, we initiated a review process of the Program, during which we listened to our collaborators in a survey to bring your perspective, volunteers and those interested in the topic. Considering the suggestions received, many innovations will come in the next year, such as volunteer-related content, the Portal translated into English, new institutional actions, a revamped Program, and other evolutions that we are preparing with great care.

This Christmas and during the holiday season, we celebrate and thank all the volunteers who, with their altruistic spirit, contributed to so many achievements, making the world a brighter and more welcoming place for everyone. We hope that generosity inspires more people, increasing this chain of solidarity, spreading joy, hope, and transformation everywhere.

We count on your collaboration! Continue following the actions on our Volunteer Portal and help extend the Christmas spirit throughout the new year that is coming. Voluntary actions celebrate the true meaning of the holidays and align with the purpose of Banco do Brasil and its collaborators: to be close and relevant in people's lives, at all times!


Happy Holidays and here’s to 2024!